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Funky Links Contest
Grand Prize Drawing Results

Grand Prize for the 2004 Drawing, Bucky Skeleton.

Sometime in the year 2004, I had decided that I wanted to do a little something extra with the Funky Links Contest. Rules can be found by CLICKING HERE. What I came up with was a drawing for a Grand Prize at the end of the year. I had not decided what the grand prize would be, but knew that is what I wanted to do.

I completely forgot about this at the end of the year, and while doing some updates to the site, I realized that I had not yet figured out what to give away and had of course not conducted the drawing. So I decided right away that the Grand Prize for the 2004 Grand Prize drawing would be a 4th Quality Bucky skeleton from ACC. The Bucky Skeleton (4th Quality) is the haunters skeleton of choice. With the prize decided upon, I needed to do the actual drawing.

On the morning of April 14th, 2005, the names of all of the winners from the year 2004, of the Halloween 24-7.com Funky Links Contest were printed out and placed into a box.

The names were mixed very well, and a name was drawn at random from the box.



It is interesting that Kit is not only the first winner of the Grand Prize Drawing, but was also the first person to win the Funky Links Contest! Way to go Kit!

The twists

We all know that Haunters are the bestest (yes I meant to say bestest) people around, and Kit has proved it once again. After e-mailing her to verify her address so I could send the Bucky out to her, she e-mails me back saying that she wanted to donate it to The Halloween PropMaster to do with it as he sees fit because of all that he does for all us haunters! WOW Kit, what a sweetheart.

Now the PropMaster could have kept this for his own haunt, but PropMaster has decided to use the Bucky as a door prize for this years Rocky Mountain Gathering Which will be held on June 3rd-5th in Provo, Utah.

So now some caring haunter is going to win this Bucky at the RMG. I'm sure that Bucky will wind up in a good home.

I think that the generosity shown by both Kit and PropMaster is to be applauded!
This Bucky is going to be carrying some SERIOUS GOOD KARMA.

PropMaster has informed me that he has the Bucky in his possession now.

I will post back here when the new owner has his/her Bucky.

For a list of winners of past Funky Links Contests, the list of prizes given away, and all of the rules, Please CLICK HERE, or use the site navigation link on each page of the site.

Thanks for looking at my site, and Happy Haunting!
---The WebMaster


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