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Rick Polizzi's Haunt 10 - 2 - 2004

I went to see Rick Polizzi's Haunt on the second of October. He has put up a portion of his haunt up early so that HGTV could film for the Halloween special that they are doing.

From what Rick told me, this is only about 50 percent completed! I counted about 55 Bluckies in the yard. Holy Bluckies Batman!!

I can't wait to see what this is going to be like when it is complete. I will be going back to see the full display.

As a special bonus, I got to meet his neighbor from up the street Tim of the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. I got his flyer. If any of you are planning on going to Rick's place to see this display, you might want to think about going while the HHG is in operation. HHG will be in operation 7PM to Midnight Friday, October 29th, 2004 through Sunday, October 31st, 2004. this would be a great double bill since the two haunts are just a stones throw away from each other.

Some of the pictures are so so, please forgive my unsteady hand. Okay, enough of this let's get to the pictures!


Front of the house.
First we have a long shot of the front of the house.
Front entance columns and sign.
Flying Pumpkin balloon.
Spiderweb gobo.
A spiderweb in light.
Skeleton's shooting gallery.
This is part of the skeleton's shooting gallery.
Shooting gallery picture 2.
Shooting gallery picture # 2.
Shooting gallery picture 3.
Shooting gallery picture # 3.
Batting Cage.
The Batting Cage.
Batting Cage.
The Batting Cage lit by blacklight.
Treehouse Pumpkins.
Treehouse Pumpkins.
Treehouse Pumpkins.
Treehouse Pumpkins #2.
Skeleton caricature artist.
The skeleton Caricature Artist.
Skeleton Band.
The skeleton band.
Skeleton band guys in the tree.
Skeleton band members in the tree.
Skeleton just relaxing.
Skeleton that is just haning out in the bushes.
The party continues.
Party skeletons on the side of the house.
Party in the tree!
Skeletons having a little something to drink in the tree.
Skeletons just relaxing.
Skeletons just kicking back on the bushes.
Passed out.
Party too hard?
Party in the tree!
Keeping watch for fires?
Skeletons just relaxing.
Going up!
Spiderweb fence.
Easy to do spiderweb fence. Cool!
Keeping an eye on the back door.
Keeping watch at the door to the back yard. Shot with flash.
Keeping an eye on the back door 2.
Keeping watch at the door to the back yard. Shot with no flash.
Keeping watch.
A couple of the guys keeping watch.
Beware the human headed spiders overhead.
Watch out overhead for the droping spiders with human heads!
A better look at one of the spiders.
Better shot of a human headed spider.

The following are a series of short (20 seconds or under) QuickTime videos shot with my little digital still camera. The camera does not do sound so they are action only (sorry). May not be the best quality, but at least you can see some of the motion this way.
Video #1
Video is 10.1 Meg
Video #2
Video is 10.2 Meg
Video #3
Video is 6.16 Meg
Video #4
Video is 8.58 Meg
Video #5
Video is 5.20 Meg
Video #6
Video is 2.54 Meg
Video #7
Video is 6.50 Meg
Video #8
Video is 6.20 Meg

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